Welcome to Ching Hua

At Ching Hua, we strive to delight our guest with authentic Beijing and Sichuan cuisine. Dishes prepared in the Beijing and Sichuan style were the favorites of the royal families and the upper class in Imperial China, and so these approaches to the selection, preparation, and presentation of food represent the pinnacle of Chinese culinary tradition. In developing these rich and lasting styles of cooking, Beijing and Sichuan chefs have always relied upon--indeed expected and demanded--the freshest vegetables, fruits, seafood and meats. Along with their devotion to rice and rice products, these chefs have also perfected an extensive repertoire of dishes featuring noodles, dumplings, and simple breads.

In the tradition of these great chefs of China, we proudly offer you, our guests, the culmination of over a thousand years of culinary excellence. The finest selections of Beijing and Sichuan cuisine are prepared skillfully in our kitchen, and we seek to provide you with those dishes which you will most enjoy. Longtime favorites--such delicacies as sweet and sour pork, wonton soup, and fried rice, all prepared with the freshest and finest ingredients--are available, but we also encourage you to seek our help in selecting authentic Beijing and Sichuan specialties which you may not yet have tasted. Our staff is eager to introduce you to the richness and variety of the cuisines. Thank you for visiting our restaurant. We are most honored to serve you, knowing your dining experience will be a rewarding one.

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